Swing like a pro: Our male Matt Dunn improves his game with golf guru Butch Harmon

MY TEE shot finished up 20 feet from the hole, thanks to the brand-new swing I had actually established with none other than Butch Harmon.
Our opponents buggy, on the other hand, was now set down precariously over the edge of the cliff. Plainly they would have benefited more from a various type of driving lesson from golf's greatest expert.
My partner and I spun our own buggy around and sped back along to the 15th tee at Rio Secco, whistling the theme tune to the "Italian Job" as we hurried to the rescue.
It took a while to get them back onto terra firma long enough for the sun to set so I will never know if I would have made my birdie.
Which is a shame; because that 15th tee shot had been the first indication that an hour invested with world’s greatest golf coach may actually
The Butch Harmon School of Golf is just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip and the 72-year-old who developed Tiger Woods is a remarkably patient teacher, even when it pertains to the higher-handicapper.
He right away determined my issue. You’re not really versatile and you’ve got a problem with chicken wings, was his immediate evaluation. Charming.
Harmon’s workshop is a celeb hot-spot and around 14 times a year Harmon amuses groups of well-off clients ready to pay thousands of dollars for three or 4 days at his school.
His students are available in all shapes and sizes - Shaquille O Neill’s genuine size 22 shoe tucked away in his memorabilia-filled office is testament to that. As the photographer eliminates some of the clutter from the desk in front of him, Harmon remonstrates kindly, Careful, that s the President s golf ball.
Rickie Fowler, Jimmy Walker, Dustin Johnson and Brandt Snedeker are his more regular customers, and Harmon admits that can be a bit challenging.
Rickie, Jimmy and Snedeker are here a lot, Harmon states. They’ll come up and state hi, exactly what are you doing?
Harmon, generally accepted as the video games biggest ever coach, is a less intimidating figure and even stocks beers in his range refrigerator to assist students unwind even more.
He puts everybody at their ease by very first showing a bloopers reel of customers smashing swing-aids to smithereens, toeing the ball into the wall and twisting themselves into all manner of shapes to perform what former world no. 2 Suzann Pettersen is doing effortlessly in the bay right alongside ours as we hold on Harmon s every word.
I’ve got a terrific little line I found out from my papa for a few of them who have a little high expectations about golf and who think they’re better than they are, Harmon, constantly the raconteur, informs us. I say, simply leave your ego in the limousine; however that doesn’t normally take place.
So then I tell them look guys, I can’t make a race horse from a mule, however I can damn sure make a quicker mule, so let’s get this mule to race a little better!.
The best piece of guidance I can give is that you have to understand your very own capabilities, exactly what you can do and can’t do, and you need to practice your weaknesses not your stamina’s.
My specific weak point is an uncontrolled slice and Harmon confidently puts the usefulness of treating it into the hands of trusted staff instructor Don Callahan a man who consists of Seve Ballesteros amongst his own former clients.
It ends up my right arm is not straight on the backswing (I am a left-hander) and, perversely, I need to envision I am hitting the ball into the trees to the left to avoid actually doing so.
Most important of all a fault Callahan says prevails to most high-handicapper is that I don t get my club over on release, forming a V with my wrists instead of an X.
Put this into practice and, as if my magic, the slice vanishes. I view as my ball hooks strongly through the blue sky into the parking area instead.
Now you’ve got to practice by striking a hundred, maybe a thousand balls to get the timing right with your wrists, Callahan states. Look at how much better your swing is.
He takes me through my brand-new swing frame-by-frame on the video display, comparing it to Woods of 15 years back, digitally-mutated making him a fellow left-hander.
Take a look at your takeaway. That’s nearly as good in fact, I’d reach to say it’s practically much better than Tiger.
Almost better than Tiger I repeat, requiring Callahan put that down in writing on my research sheet.
In summary, then, I am not very flexible however an expert when it concerns takeaways. I questioned whether I could have found out as much merely practicing in front of a mirror.
4 hours later on, it all came together and I struck that crisp, sweet tee shot on the 15th. They might simply know exactly what they are talking about.
Regretfully with golf, there are no short-cuts, not even with Butch Harmon. It still all comes down to practice.
But thanks to Callahan I had a few basic techniques to attempt that were at the same time easier and more reliable than anything I had been informed in dozens of lessons before.
Back to the driving range it is, then.

Interactive Golf Store Opening in Sandy

SANDY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) PGA TOUR Superstore is understood for its large-format interactive shops across the nation and now its bringing one to Utah.
The 25,000 square foot interactive store will feature four advanced simulators, 4 practice hitting bays and an extensive putting green measuring more than 750 square feet. The brand-new Sandy location is 10355 S State Street, east of I-15 off of State Street will be the largest golf retail store in the area.
A grand opening celebration is set for April 2 at 9 a.m. There will be $30,000 in product giveaways to the very first clients in line and a $15,000 donation to First Tee of Utah to offer location youth with the opportunity of participating in sports.
"The Salt Lake area represents a premier market for our first store in Utah and we are excited to broaden and bring the very best experiential location in golf retail to Sandy," said PGA TOUR Superstore President and CEO Dick Sullivan. "Our expert proficiency and interactive environment motivates all types of golf enthusiasts - from newbies to scratch golf players - to play the video game and find everything they need under one roofing.".

Marin DA: Pot trafficker embezzled $500,000 from couple's charity trust

A former Mill Valley marijuana supplier has paid more than $750,000 in fines and restitution after pleading guilty to embezzling funds an elderly Mill Valley couple reserved for charity, prosecutors said Wednesday.
Michael Salit, 62, avoided jail time in the case, although he could be jailed if he breaches the terms of his three-year probation.
The case started in 2013 with a drug examination by the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force, the county's multiagency drug squad.
The job force alleged that Salit was growing cannabis on his properties in Lake County and delivering it to other states from Mill Valley Candleworks, his business near Tamalpais Junction. He used the United Parcel Service for the deliveries, according to court files.
As private investigators looked into Salit's monetary accounts, they discovered a connection to trusts developed by a Mill Valley couple, Carole and Ron Burnett. The trusts were established to benefit 3 nonprofits: Planned Parenthood of Northern California; EngenderHealth; and Earthjustice, the legal defense fund of the Sierra Club.
Salit befriended the couple and ended up being a fiduciary of the trusts. After Ron Burnett died, his widow altered a trust so that money went to a charity Salit developed to benefit his handicapped son, according to his lawyer. In 2012, Carole Burnett died.
Authorities allege that Salit embezzled some $500,000 from the Burnett trusts that ought to have gone to the three nonprofits. He used his own charity as a money laundering tool to buy properties and support cannabis trafficking operation, the prosecution alleged.
While the examination was proceeding, Deputy District Attorney Sean Kensinger obtained a court order freezing $1.3 million in Salit's possessions for possible restitution.
Salit accepted a plea offer for two felony embezzlement convictions. As part of the plea offer, he liquidated $754,512.44 in assets for fines, retribution and interest payments.
Planned Parenthood of Northern California got $261,487.17; Earthjustice received $307,795.22; and EngenderHealth received $85,230. Salit likewise paid a $100,000 fine under a penalty improvement for white-collar criminal activities.
He was not convicted of drug charges under the deal, but his probation terms require him not to use or cultivate marijuana.
Salit's lawyer, Scot Candell, stated the case is rooted in Carole Burnett's mistaken belief that she could alter her irrevocable trust to help Salit's son. When the mistake became an outcome of the drug examination, Salit "was perfectly happy giving the money back to the charities," Candell stated.
Salit has actually "chosen not to continue in the medical cannabis market," Candell said.